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The Re-Boot

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If you want to…

  • Come back to the heart of healthy eating
  • Debunk the myths around ‘detox’ and dieting
  • Perform an effective and safe cleanse from home
  • Choose supplements that are right for you
  • Learn more about eating local and seasonal produce
  • Discover new ways to maximise your energy
  • Share with others on the same journey

And much more… Get into the swing of Spring feeling refreshed, renewed, lighter, more energetic, and inspired in the kitchen!   The Re-Boot offers daily guidance from Daniel via an online, closed Facebook community as well as direct email interaction with Daniel for the full 20 days.  The programme is divided into three stages:

  • seven days of preparing the body to cleanse and reset
  • seven days of cleansing
  • six days of post-cleanse aftercare (with a strong emphasis on how to get the most from the food choices that you make each day)

Each day the programme offers refreshing insights on different topics around health and nutrition. Inspiring recipes are then shared to support those topics discussed. A key element of the programme is the daily observation of your relationship with food. This will help to bring in an awareness that will enable you to identify and eliminate ‘problem’ foods in a sensible and sustainable way whilst helping to get your digestion back on track.

Ready to press the reset button?

Start by signing up using the form below.  Once this is completed you will receive a confidential questionnaire to complete. Upon completion you will receive instructions on how to join the closed community Facebook group. Your tribe for the next 20 days!


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve included a list of common Q&A’s from past Re-boot participants, which may be helpful to you:

Is the Re-Boot just a ‘detox?’
No. It is a lot more. A detox is defined as a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances, i.e. a cleanse and whilst you will cleanse your body during the Re-boot, the program is so much more than that. The programme is designed to have an ongoing positive impact on your health and eating. In fact, throughout the program we will debunking many of the myths surrounding detoxification to enable each person to make the best long-term changes to the way they eat, without having to invest in quick fixes or expensive ingredients. 

I’ve tried lots of diets and detox routines, how do I know if this will work for me?
The Re-Boot is not a prescriptive diet or detox, the Re-Boot is aimed at individuals who would like to eat better and experience a gentle cleanse without having to take time out from work or their daily schedule. At the core of the program are the tools for sensible eating and effective ways to support the body by fueling right.

Can anybody do the programme?
At the outset of the programme, each applicant is asked to fill in a confidential questionnaire in order for Daniel to determine whether or not taking part in the program is appropriate for them to do at this time. The programme is especially suited to those individuals who have never performed a structured cleanse before and participants benefit a great deal by having access to direct practical, attainable and mindful guidance from Daniel to help them to get back on track to healthy eating.

Why does the programme run for 20 Days?
The most important aspect of this guided Re-boot is that of maintaining a sensible approach to creating positive change in your daily, ongoing eating plan. Therefore by dividing the program into three stages (see below) it allows your body to adapt and change over this time, making it more likely for you to succeed with healthier eating long-term. Just to re-cap the three stages of the programme are:

  • seven days of preparing the body to cleanse
  • seven days of cleansing
  • six days of post-cleanse aftercare with a strong emphasis on how to get the most from the food choices that you make each day

How much time will I need to do the Re-Boot?
The programme is designed to be flexible according to your personal commitments. The beauty of running it in a closed Facebook group is that each person can check in with the information throughout the day as they have time. It is suggested that you commit to just 30 minutes a day to catch up with the discussion and posts. Some people are able to check in as information is presented, and some will read the whole lot as a digest when they have time. The recipes are intended to inspire without being prescriptive, so there is no set menu.  Each participant can cook as many of the recipes as time allows, or according what appeals the most.

How will I be supported throughout the 20 days?
Daniel will be guiding and offering his knowledge throughout the programme.  Our participants continually feedback that they loved being part of a closed group as well as the support that they gained from the experiences of others on the same nutrition journey as themselves. A private Facebook page is set up as a virtual meeting space for all undertaking the programme. This is a valuable space to share your own experiences and an easy way of checking in with daily activities and updates such as helpful tips, motivational insights and exciting recipes to support you every step of the way. In addition, Daniel is in contact with participants individually throughout the 20 days to offer confidential and supportive advice as you progress through the program.

Will I feel tired /lethargic/terrible during the programme?
No, this is a gentle programme and there is no reason to feel tired or out of sorts during the Re-Boot. Eliminating certain foods can cause niggling symptoms, but these usually pass quite quickly. In fact, the overwhelming response from participants is how good they begin to feel in a short space of time. The programme takes into account how the body responds to change and accommodates this accordingly. Effective does not need to mean radical, and the program is about how to support the body in order to start making lasting improvements to your health. This is why the program follows the three stages listed above.

Do I need to have a Facebook account to do the Re-Boot?
Yes. The program is run in a private and closed Facebook group as a virtual meeting space for all those taking part, and the support and input of the group is invaluable. There have been some past participants without a Facebook account who have created a profile for the duration of the programme and then simply deleted it afterwards.  

Will I have to invest in expensive supplements?
We will be debunking the hype around various ‘miracle detoxifiers’ throughout the course of the programme. You will need to buy a few targeted, affordable supplements to support the body, but the focus will be on using natural and safe ingredients to gain the best results and how to get the most from the food you eat each day.

Here are some referrals from past participants…
“A unique and valuable take on nutrition and well-being. Taking a fresh perspective really helped me to reach a deeper level of insight into my health and and self care.” -Sarah

“The compassionate guidance has been really helpful. Great to reset, observe and move closer to who I want to be in the world. Thank you!” – Alison

“So much positive and enriching knowledge! I really have benefited from it all and intend to make some real changes in my diet!” – Janet

If you have a query that has not been answered above or you have any additional queries, please feel free to email Daniel directly at

And a final word from Daniel
“Every step on the Re-Boot is about making sensible changes. This is not a quick fix program. What you take away you can use on an on-going basis. Nothing is prescriptive and everything can be worked according to your personal commitments. This is a flexible, personalised journey which we can explore and have fun creating together.”

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