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‘Retreat – the Joy of Conscious Eating’
(Jacana Media 2014)

Retreat is a collection of 80 mouth-watering vegetarian recipes from around the world, and a look at how we can begin experiencing a greater sense of connection with our surroundings through the foods we eat. Using the seasons as a starting point, Daniel shares his extensive nutritional knowledge and love of local produce to create an assortment of wholesome and delightful dishes. ‘By living in harmony with the seasons we begin to see that what is growing in nature supports the needs of the body as the weather changes. It also allows us to start breaking down the notion of foods being intrinsically ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ but rather allows us to as ‘is it appropriate for this particular time of the year?’

The book is also a snapshot of what it is like to be on one of Daniel’s popular cookery retreats, with delightful photographs by Sarah Kate Schafer, and light-hearted anecdotes and stories around the dishes presented.

‘Retreat’ has been extremely well received – it was named one of the Top 5 Cookbooks of 2014 by Jenny Crwys-Williams on 702, and has earned Daniel the affectionate title of ‘South Africa’s most beloved vegetarian chef.’

You can order ‘Retreat’ online by clicking here.


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‘The Cake The Buddha Ate…More Quiet Food’
(Jacana Media 2010)

In 2007 Daniel joined the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, KZN as their resident cook. His inventive dishes received standing ovations and are collected here as a snapshot of what life is like in the oldest retreat centre in South Africa. The book is illustrated with glorious photography (by Angela Shaw) of the breath-taking surroundings of the BRC and introduces the wonderful local Zulu staff that continue to offer spectacular meals at the centre. In addition to stories and anecdotes about the varied dishes, the recipes are accompanied by poetry and verses inspired by the centre.

You can order ‘The Cake the Buddha Ate’ online by clicking here.