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Daniel Jardim grew up in a family of cooks and began inventing dishes from a very young age. This began his adventure with cookery. On his thirteenth birthday he announced to his family that he had decided to become vegetarian. 

He spent eleven years in the UK where he studied Holistic Nutrition and gave advice on food supplementation.

When he returned to South Africa in 2007, Daniel became the resident cook at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal, and created the recipes for the extremely popular cookery book ‘The Cake the Buddha Ate.’ His first solo book was released in 2014 titled ‘Retreat – the Joy of Conscious Eating‘ and was named one of the top 5 cookbooks of the year. 

He writes regularly for a number of publications on the topic of seasonal cookery. 

About Seasonal

Seasonal cookery is not so much about the strict adherence to rigid principles, but rather a practical way of feeling more connected with our surroundings through the food we eat. In our modern pace of life it is easy to feel confused by nutrition and about what constitues a ‘healthy diet.’

Daniel’s approach is one of gentleness in using our immediate environment and the changes within the seasons to guide us in making more informed choices about the ingredients we select and the cookery techniques employed in the kitchen.There is nothing new about eating seasonally. It is simply about taking time to return to the art of cooking from an age not too long ago, where food was integral to the way we connected with nature, with our loved ones, and with ourselves. The best news of all is that living seasonally allows us to become aware of the best local produce available during different times of the year, making it the most environmentally sustainable and affordable way to stock up the pantry.

Daniel teaches weekend and 3-day retreats which are aimed at creating a comprehensive guide to staying healthy within each season, and demonstrations which often will look at one delectable seasonal ingredient at a time. Check out the Retreats/Events pages to find out about events in your area. Happy cooking!


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