5 Tips for smarter smoothies


SMOOTHIES are a convenient way of getting concentrated nutrition on the go, but be kind to your digestion by following these basic steps.

1. Keep it simple
There is a tendency to add the contents of the fridge and every superfood to smoothies, but simple combinations are easier for the body to process.

2. Mix it up
Rotate what goes into your smoothies. This will keep things interesting and ensure a broad nutrient intake. Include seasonal fruits while they are at their nutritional peak.

3. Not too cool
An excess of very cold foods can weaken digestion in the long run. Enjoy iced smoothies sparingly, especially in cooler weather. Let fridge-stored smoothies reach room temperature before drinking.

4. Boost fibre
Part of the magic of fibre is that it slows digestion, leaving you satisfied for longer. Blitzing smoothies reduces the efficacy of fibre by breaking it down. Add additional fibre (like flax or chia seeds) to keep you regular, and keep hunger at bay.

5. Chew your drinks
Resist the urge to glug that smoothie down. Digestion begins in the mouth and it is important to savour each mouthful. Not only is this gentler on the belly, but can make nutrients more readily available.

This article was originally published in the Sunday Times Lifestyle Magazine

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