The world of nutrition and cookery can be confusing at the best of times. Daniel Jardim teaches cookery retreats around South Africa with a strong emphasis on exploring what really works when it comes to feeding the body – without the unrealistic guidelines that are presented with each new fad diet. With over 20 years of experience in wellness and nutrition, Daniel offers an invitation to enjoy the food that you eat with greater joy and awareness. Through retreats and individual coaching, he shows how to develop a greater understanding of your body and how it changes with the seasons. Daniel Jardim writes regularly for numerous publications, and is a well-respected public speaker with a flair for presenting a sensible approach to nutrition infused with warmth and humour.

“Daniel embodies both great wisdom and enormous love in his offerings. Entrusting your wish for a healthy, balanced and nutritious life to Daniel may be the most joyful, rewarding and healing adventure of your life”
– Gavin Harrison, author of ‘In the Lap of the Buddha

seaweed salad