The food we eat and the way we prepare it is an integral part of  the way we experience health and vitality.  Daniel Jardim teaches cookery retreats around South Africa with a strong emphasis on the consciousness of the food and the eater. Join Daniel on a culinary adventure as he demonstrates how to transform even the most simple, natural ingredients into mouth-watering vegetarian cuisine that bursts with flavour and vitality. Daniel shows  how to create a greater sense of mindfulness in our everyday lives by being in closer harmony with our surroundings through the food ingredients we select, the supplements we choose, and the spirit in which we conduct our lives at different times of the year.

“Daniel embodies both great wisdom and enormous love in his offerings. Entrusting your wish for a healthy, balanced and nutritious life to Daniel may be the most joyful, rewarding and healing adventure of your life”
– Gavin Harrison, author of ‘In the Lap of the Buddha

seaweed salad